Back in Sweden

Looking at the dates I realised it’s almost a month ago since I last up-dated this blog. And so much has happened since than! After we spent a week facilitating sessions in Langa High School from the 12th until th 16th of April, we continued with the same work for a week (19th -23rd of April) in Kuhlani High School. And last but not least we managed to organise a session with some students in Comprehensive School, who especially came for us, as on the 26th of April was no school.
We are still in the process of elaborating our research results, but we can already see real obvious trends, which you can see in the following draft I sketched:

In our last week in Langa, we also had three amzing meeting with round about 10 wonderful elderly members of the community, who work in different youth supporting organisations. Here we are with them on our last night in South Africa before we left back to Sweden, the 29th of April.

We will soon give an detailed update on, what came out of this meetings.

First Session in Langa High

After we had a short but successful meeting with the principle of the Lange High School on Monday April the 12th 2010, we started our first sessions in the school yesterday.
We met two grade 11 classes and talk with them for 45 min. about the idea of the YDC and their dreams. We encouraged them to think about where they are now in their development, what they dream of developing towards, and what they think how the YDC could support them in pursuing their dreams.
Here are some pictures of the session:

And here you can see what some of them wrote down:

Visit to love life Centre in Langa

Last Tuesday, April the 6th 2010, we visited the love life Centre in Langa, which aims to prevent AIDs and is open for youth between 12 and 17. One of the groundBreakers gave us a short tour around the place, which includes a little clinic, a sports place, a games room with pool and table football, a radio station and other spaces for workshops and trainings, We could
As we could see themes from this love life centre and our Youth Development Centre idea overlapping but there wasn’t enough time to get into deeper conversations about collaboration, we are already in the planning of a next longer meeting with the people there.

First Discription

The idea of the Youth Development Centre is strongly carried by Mahlubi Zibi from Langa, Cape Town. He has been studying at The Youth Initiative Program ( in Järna, Sweden since August 2009. A part of that program is a monthlong international Internship, in which Mahlubi decided to go back to his home to do research on how the Youth Development Centre idea could become reality.
Through his project presentation at YIP he also inspired Amy Ilic, Johanna Miklos, Georgia Klap, Alexandra Gribble and me Silvia Angel to join him during the YIP Internship to support the research.
After the 6 of us had formed a group, we decided to do our research with 3 different target groups. First of all we want to get to know from the local youth whether there is a need and interest in such a centre and how they would like it to be. Secondly we want to get in contact with already existing youth centres to see if there are ways of collaborating or even if we could just get some tips and tricks for setting up a centre. And last but not least we want to connect with possible mentors and elders, who could support the project.